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Design & Technology Subject (RBT2, RBT3)

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Lesson 1a. Introduction

(Startup - Part 1)

Lesson 1b. Introduction

(Startup - Part 2)

Lesson 2a. Blink an LED

(Digital output - Single output)

Lesson 2b. Blink 3 LEDs

(Digital output - Multiple output)

Lesson 2c. Traffic light

(Digital output - Multiple output)

Lesson 3a. Simulation - On/off an LED

(Simulation without coding - Single output)

Lesson 3b. Simulation - On/off 2 LEDs

(Simulation without coding - Multiple output)

Lesson 3c. Traffic light (Simulation)

(Simulation with coding - Digital output)

Lesson 4a. Short circuit game (Simulation)

(Simulation with coding - Digital input)

Lesson 4b. Short circuit game

(Digital input with short circuit detection)

Lesson 5. Security system with open circuit sensing

(Digital input with open circuit detection)

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