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18 May, 2015
Topic: Pocket Fire Alarm, Code: MP8
This system will detect room temperature and show temperature status on the Smartphone screen. When the detected tempereture exceeds 50C, the siren in Smartphone will be turned on.

18 May, 2015
Topic: Visitor Counter With Greeting, Code: MP7
This system will detect visitor through infra red sensor. Whenever a visitor is detected, the system counter will be increased and read out. When the counter value exceeds 3, then system will ask the visitor to come the next day.

18 May, 2015
Topic: Marching Counter, Code: MP6
The Smartphone will be attached to the thight to detect the marching angle. The detected angle will be shown on Smartphone screen. When the detected angle goes below 90, marching is considered pass. The Smartphone will beep once and increasethecounter by one step.

18 May, 2015
Topic: Smart Bulb With SMS Alert, Code: MP5
User can use Smartphone to on/off a 240Vac bulb. If the bulb is blown, Smartphone will automatically send a SMS to alert the user.

18 May, 2015
Topic: QR Code Auto Gate, Code: MP4
Use Smartphone back camera as a QR code scanner. Whenever a visitor is detected the QR code will be scanned. If a valid card is detected, gate will open. Otherwise gate remains close and siren is turned on.

18 May, 2015
Topic: Mobile Robot, Code: MP3
Use Smartphone to control the mobile robot to move forward, reverse, left, right or stop. At the same time, the robot will acknowledge Smartphone with its motion.

18 May, 2015
Topic: Wireless Robot Arm, Code: MP2
User can use Smartphone to control the robot arm to grip and place object.

18 May, 2015
Topic: Auto Video Recorder, Code: MP1
Door sensor will detect the status of the door open or close. Whenever a door is open the Smartphone will turn on the back camera and record video for 10sec. After a video is recorded, the Smartphone will auto play back the video for 10sec.

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Magnetcode for
1. Agriculture
2. Building Automation
3. Biomedical
4. Transportation

1. Fish pond feeder with SMS control
Objective: Reduce manpower for daily fish feeding task.

2. Vehicle attendance system for palm oil plantation
Objective: Capture photo of all vehicles entering or exiting the palm oil plantation.

3. Paddy field water level controller
Objective: Reduce manpower to control the water level of the paddy field.

4. Chicken farm power interruption detector
Objective: Alert user when power interruption for the air ventilation system is detected in the chicken farm.

5. Cowshed security system
Objective: Allow farmer to wirelessly monitor the inner environment of the cowshed when he is not around.

Building Automation
1. Room temperature monitoring system for 3 store rooms
Objective: Reduce manpower to record temperature in the store room everyday.

2. Security system for the computer lab
Objective: Protect CPU and monitor screen in the computer lab.

3. Fire alarm with SMS alert
Objective: Protect building from fire.

4. SMS door lock
Objective: Avoid lost house key cases (esp. by children).

5. Lecturer office alarm
Objective: Avoid intruder from accessing the lecturer's room.

1. RFID attendance system for baby nursery room
Objective: Increase security of baby nursery room.

2. Communication device for patient who is unable to speak properly
Objective: Use Smartphone to assist patient in presenting what he wants.

3. Temperature monitoring system for dengue patient
Objective: Reduce manpower to manually record patient body's temperature.

4. Step counter for rehabilitation purpose
Objective: Panel doctor can use this to monitor if his patient walks at least a required number of steps at home every day.

5. Wheelchair timer for rehabilitation purpose
Objective: Avoid the user from sitting too long on a a wheelchair. Increase blood circulation to improve patient's recovery.

1. Safety helmet with drowsy detection
Objective: Use Smartphone to detect drowsy motorcyclists.

2. Car security system with GPS coordinate detection
Objective: Use Smartphone to report the latest car coordinate when an intruder is detected.

3. Car speed controller system
Objective: Use Smartphone to slow down the car speed when an obstacle is detected.

4. Traffic light failure detection system
Objective: Use Smartphone to report traffic light failure case.

5. Car accident detector
Objective: Use Smartphone to automatically report car accident location to the emergency help center.

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