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Design & Technology Subject (RBT2, RBT3)

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Online purchase, AI, big data, automation, robotic, wireless...
BUT... are you ready?

Creativity, problem solving and presentation skills START from CODING?

Will it be better if coding can be done WITHOUT computer?

How to create an App within 15 minutes?

How to create a creative gadget within 30 minutes?

Why there are more than 1600 schools use Magnetcode to teach automation and robotics?

Not only for clever kids

Customized for age 10 to 18. No typing required. No IT / engineering background required. Save time and money to teach teachers and students (registration fee, transportation, accomodation).

Create outstanding project without much effort

It is easy to upgrade any old project topic with App control to make it trending and outstanding for open day, carnival or competition use. e.g. Remote control bulb / fan / curtain using Smartphone or fire security system with Smartphone vibration alert.

Low startup fee and easy to manage

No computer required (price of Smartphone / Tablet as low as USD40,from Lazada or Shopee). No computer lab required (renovation, air condition, socket, table, chair). No antivirus, driver or update required.

It is not about how hardworking you are, it is about what tools you use.

It is not about how clever you are, it is about what you learn.

Create types of creative projects now!

1. Download Magnetcode from the Google Play Store
2. Create a FREE account.

Complete 1st project in 15 min

Blink an LED in 15 min

Not yet buy kit? Use circuit simulator!

Create game, make fun!

Apply what you learn